What is Polam Album

With the evolution of digital camera and mobile phone, all people can take photos at any time. Hence many photos are produced from time to time. Even though you do not take photos, you will still receive a lot of photos from your friends through Whatsapp. The photos are your asset. You need a software to collect, organise, find photos, view photos, share with other people and backup to external harddisk.

Polam Photo Album is a photo album software in PC. It can import photos from various source as iPhone, Android phone, Whatsapp, USB, SD Card etc. Duplicated photos will be skipped. Imported photos are organized by year, month and day order of the photo taken date. They are presented as thumbnail, photo viewer, or slideshow. You can select photos to export to USB, mobile photo and share photos through Whatsapp, WeChat, Facebook, Gmail or Instagram. All photos as a whole are stored as an album in PC hard disk. A duplicated copy can be sync to an external hard disk as backup.

Polam Album provides search function for you to find photos. It provides different search type, such as by date, lunar date, gps location, photo characteristic etc. For example, you can search photos of todays in previous year; Or you can search photos taken at first day of lunar year; Or photos taken at dragon boat festival; Or photos taken at your birthday; Or photos taken at a particular place, etc...

Feature of Polam Album
  • Import Photos -

    It provides function for you to import photos from iPhone, Android Phone and removable storage such as USB, SD Card or external harddisk. Duplicated photos will be skipped when import.

  • Auto import photos from Cloud -

    It supports iCloud Photos, Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive. They are known as public cloud service. Above cloud service provides camera upload function on your mobile phone, which will automatically send new photos from your mobile phone to the cloud and then download to your pc drive. Polam Album can automatically copy new photos from your PC drive to the album. Besides integration with above public cloud service, private cloud sevice provided by Synology NAS Service are also supportted.

  • Browse and View Photos

    Photos are presented as thumbnail images and are organized by year, month and day order of photo taken date. You can find your photos at a particular date. Double click a thumbnail image will pop-up image viewer which can show the photo in a large window. Or you can view them as slide show.

    import import
  • Search Photos - single criteria

    Click the search button which prompt you a search dialog. At there you can specify different search type: such as by date, by lunar date, by location etc.

    search search2
  • Search Photos - multiple criteria

    Multiple search criteria can be added in order to narrow down the search results

    search06a search06b
  • Export photos

    It provides a tick function for you to select mulitple photos and export to external media such as USB, removable harddisk; Or export to mobile phone through WIFI; Or send email etc. After that, you can share photos with other people through Whatsapp or WeChat on Windows.

    import import
  • Share photos through Android phone

    It provides a tick function for you to select mulitple photos and transfer to Android phone. After transfer completed, you can click the Share button on the Android phone to share received photos to WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook, GMAIl or Instagram.

    import import
  • Android app

    Polam Transfer Photo is an android app which will run on Android phone to handle transfer photos or share photos request from Polam Album on PC.

  • Backup

    It will keep record of photos changed in the album and prompt you to plug-in removable harddisk after a period of time. Just plug-in a removable harddisk, the program will copy the changes to it. So that you DO NOT need to worry when to backup the album.

    Besides local backup to a removable hard disk, it can also backup the album to a remote Synology NAS Server through the Internet. The backup album on the NAS Server will act as an online photo staton. Then you can use your ipad, iphone and android phone to browse your photo at any time through the Internet.

  • Free Version vs Professional Version

    Polam album provides 3 version to you to choose: Unregistered Version, Free Version and Professional Version. They are different in photo album capacity. Unregistered Version is Free to used and can keep maximum 5000 photos. The Free Version is also free to use and can keep maximum 20,000 photos. You can click the registration button in the program to obtain a Free Version Registration Key. For the Professional Version, it is required to purchase a Professional Version Registration Key. And it can keep maximum 1,000,000 photos.


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